Our Story

Learning a foreign Language would never be my 3 years old girl's priority. Surrounded by people who were always talking to her in English, my daughter saw no need to pick up Mandarin. Things changed when she started her early school Mandarin lessons, her reluctance to listen and understand Mandarin gave her a hard time.

Then I tried to teach and talk to her in Mandarin, but my girl refused to listen to me. That's the reason I started making various little learning tools with my computer . And she loves those little programs a lot.

MMKK.com has collected those little programs I've made for my girl to stimulate her interest in Mandarin. This resourceful site is dedicated to my daughter, and parents who intend to developing their kids' multi-language talent so as to give a beneficial impact on their life. 'Just like you!'

MMKK.com & Knowledge Mind Limited

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About Me

Sam Cheung, the founder of MMKK.com and Knowledge Mind Limited. An eLearning professional specialized in designing on-line training courseware.